Research tools

Semantic scholar A NLP-powered “PubMed” that generates quick summaries for articles Scite For each article, it indicates the nature of the citation i.e. approving, neutral, disproving Meta A research feed generator Others Connected Papers and CORE. Both are available on aRxiv and show relationship between papers. Connected Papers show a map.

Tips to apply to research labs (for undergraduates/high school students)

I have been working on research projects since age 15 and here are the tips that I often share with my friends regarding research project application. How to approach the whole process It is normal to experience frustration because honestly, it is not meant for someone who first joins the field: 1. it is a far more natural process if you have been reading papers in the field for 1-2+ years and much easier to articulate why the work done by the researcher is important and interesting (and what skills do you bring to the table) 2.