Book review: Anything you want

Rating: Life-changing After reading this book, I simply felt touched. I love how Derek simplified the whole entrepreneurship business into one phrase: creating happiness for you and your customers. It is that simple. This is a book written for the purest ideal in everyone’s heart. It also has the power of transforming that idea into practical actions that make a difference to the world. In Confucianism, he seems to have achieved the state of Junzi(君子), someone who projects his positive energy to benefit the society and cares more about the virtue, Ren (仁), than personal gains.

Book review: 4-hour work week

Rating: Life-changing This book changed my life. It provides extremely useful tips about productivity and prioritization even if you do not intend to quit your job, start your own business and travel around the world. The fact that this book was published more than a decade ago but is more relevant to the current economy says loads about Tim Ferris’ farsightedness. I have to say that I appreciated this book a lot more because I went through an immersive learning experience and found what I used to consider as work was simply me trying to get instant gratification (checking emails being one).