Journal Club

Journal Club

I am starting to host an online journal club because reading primary source articles is a crucial but often neglected activity for scientists and clinicians. Good research papers, recent or “old”, provide researchers with insights of how some outstanding projects are conducted. The recent papers paint for us the current research landscape and thus inspire and contextualise our own research. Reading classical papers with a hindsight can allow us to build intuition on what type of reserach is paradigm-shifting. At the very least, reading well-written papers helps young researchers to grasp the communication skills.

As my current interest is rather broad, as long as one paper is in biology, clinical research or data science, it can be selected and discussed here. I also welcome any suggestions for papers.

For each discussion, I will first try to provide educational resources (or creat them on my own) that help the readers to understand the fundamental concepts in the paper. Then I will summarise the main finding of the paper and how it is positioned in its field. I will also point out a few advantages and disadvantages of the paper in terms of design, methods, analysis and writing.

If you have any suggestions or would like to come on board, please do not hesitate to contact me!


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